The Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh (CWEW) is likely to be a huge deal for anyone interested in Evelyn Waugh. Read about the scope and ambitions of the project here.

As of January 2014 a new blog,
Waugh and Words, has been launched by Barbara Cooke at the University of Leicester. This is in the run-up to the Complete Works project where 42 volumes of Evelyn Waugh will be published over eight years by OUP, starting in March, 2016.

As of June 2014 the
CWEW website is up and running.

The Evelyn Waugh Society reports news concerning Evelyn Waugh. The website is run by Jeffrey Manley who adds something to it most days The site also contains a page of further Waugh links:

Evelyn Waugh Studies was edited by the sadly missed John Howard Wilson. All the quarterly newsletters since Waugh's death have been put online here.

Information on my various writing projects can be found at:

I wrote the websites on Enid Blyton and Evelyn Waugh in parallel. I wrote the websites on contemporary artists Paul Noble and George Shaw at the same time and often think of the together. But I now realise that the Evelyn Waugh site, followed by the George Shaw site, is a kind of history of the last 100 years. Is it really?
You decide.