In these pages, an online biography of Evelyn Waugh is taking shape, where several phases of Waugh's life before 1939 are given enough space so that the relevant 'young Evelyn' can be fully encountered.

The menu is on the left. Yes, it does scroll down a long way. So, dear reader, where might you start?

Well, the page following this is a
strong essay and it's followed by several more that have proved popular with browsers of this site. I don't know why, but the 'Barford Revisited' and 'Carry On, Grimes' essays have been the most popular reads even when they were hidden way down the menu.

Thereafter, essays are grouped into CAPITALISED sections in the menu to the left. Amongst these are:

Small bits. Funny. Or scary. Click on a photo to get a short, sharp literary shock.

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After his time at Oxford, Evelyn was involved in the making of a silent movie. I take the liberty of fleshing out the 'The Scarlet Woman' with a story of my own.

Unprepossessing though this section may seem to the uninitiated, there is nowhere else - neither book nor website - that deals with this crucial part of Waugh's early life in such depth. The photos below are not links. Start at the beginning and attempt to stay in the slipstream of a confused and melancholy young teacher's motorbike.

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Exquisite. Obsessional. Layered (began in 2014 and returned to in 2018). Sixteen chapters. Pick 'n' click any one to start with. Total immersion is intended.

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The next sections are ON THE MOVE and OUR EVELYN'S LIBRARY. I'll get round to saying more about these later.

These are chapters that feel better here than at the beginning of the site. Of course, this only takes us to 1938, The second half of Evelyn Waugh's life is covered by this
companion site.

So that's it as far as the reader in you is concerned. But what about the writer in me? I've got so much more to say. Please God, grant me the time and the tool-set to organise the relevant material.