April 12, 2013. I’ve got to leave Our Evelyn’s Library for a while. Just as Evelyn Waugh had to leave his library at Piers Court while he went to war in 1940.

Hopefully I won’t be away for as long as he was. After all, I don’t have Hitler to contend with, just a writer’s residency at Hospitalfield in June to make the most of. I’ve begun a new website and that’s where I’ll be concentrating my energies in the meantime:

I also have my collaborative scribing in respect of Kate’s MFA to keep abreast of. Not so much Sword of Honour as
Strange Bundle

It also strikes me (in July 2022, no less) that this is a good place to end the website and to start another one to cover the
second half of Evelyn Waugh's life. In a sense, Evelyn has made it. Just as he made it to Oxford, he has now made it to his own country house complete with child-bearing wife.

Well done, Evelyn, we have all been rooting for you. Trouble is, life is always throwing up challenges.